Landlords Essential FAQ’s:
Your Answers Await

We recognise that entrusting your investment to a professional is a pivotal decision. That’s why we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of questions and answers to provide peace of mind when choosing RMC for your property management.

How is a tenant screened and selected for my property?

We prioritise three key aspects when evaluating prospective tenants: their in-person meeting, their ability to afford the rent based on income assessment, and their rental history. We will provide you with a summary of all potential applicants and provide our recommendations, but the ultimate decision will rest with you.

After every open inspection, you will receive instant reports detailing attendance numbers and any feedback received. These updates will help you stay well-informed throughout the vacancy process.

Furthermore, we maintain a database of prospective tenants who are readily available. We will share your property information with them to help reduce any potential vacancy periods.

How often are you available during the week to showcase the property to potential tenants?

We are available six days a week to show prospective tenants, primarily conducting open inspections on weekdays and Saturdays. Our prospective tenants enjoy the convenience of our user-friendly online booking system, allowing them to secure their inspection slots and submit online applications instantly.

How long will it take to Lease my property?

The timeframe for leasing your property is contingent on the current market conditions, leading to potential variations. Our objective is to minimize vacancy while ensuring you secure the best possible return and the highest quality tenants.

What is the process for handling urgent maintenance requests?

An urgent or emergency item refers to an item that poses an immediate threat to the safety of the tenants or may cause damage to the property. While each Landlord may have their own preferences on how to handle such situations, Our standard procedure involves promptly coordinating repairs through our reliable tradespeople while keeping you, the Landlord, closely informed for your complete awareness. Our priority is to minimise costs, and therefore we typically opt for temporary repairs instead of replacements, especially if the issue arises after hours.

All other “non urgent” requests are submitted through our maintenance programme which allows tenants to efficiently and effectively communicate any required maintenance at the property via an online system Within this process, the tenant must provide photographs or videos and as much detail as possible, to support the issue. The tenant will be supplied with troubleshooting guides to assist them with the issue. After the above is actioned, we then email and SMS you the details where you have the choice to attend to the item yourself, or authorise our office to do so.

Kindly note that all tradespeople we engage must possess the necessary licenses, insurance coverage, and have undergone police background checks.

Who will be my main point of contact throughout the management process?

Throughout the management process, you will have Elinore Rositano, the Managing Director, as your primary point of contact.

How do you ensure the highest possible returns for my property?

Regular market assessments, skilled negotiation strategies aimed at securing favourable outcomes for all parties involved, and meticulous expense management in anticipation of potential vacancies.

How frequently are property inspections conducted to assess its condition?

At RMC, we conduct thorough inspections every 16 weeks, providing comprehensive assessments accompanied by detailed photographic reports. Our inspections encompass the overall condition of the property, identifying any reported maintenance issues and recommending preventive measures if noticed. For example, if we observe overflowing gutters, we propose gutter cleaning to avert potential internal leaks. Be assured that if the property falls below the established standard, we will conduct a reinspection.

How often will rent money be disbursed?

Most tenants choose to pay their rent on a fortnightly basis, which means we disburse rental payments to your account twice a month. On the last business day of each month, you will receive a statement summarising all transactions for that month. Additionally, we provide an annual Income & Expenditure report, simplifying the accounting process for you and your accountant.

What is included in RMC's day-to-day Professional Management Services?

As a quick overview, our routine daily management services encompass ongoing rental payment collection, representation in tenancy matters, maintenance coordination, conducting outgoing inspections, and handling bond finalization matters, negotiations of rents and extensions of Leases, processing potential applicants, overall communication to our clients consistently as matters arise.

Can RMC offer representation for the sale of my property if I choose to sell?

Certainly! We’re here to offer representation for the sale of your property, whether it’s while there’s an existing tenancy in place, benefiting from our established rapport with the tenant, or when a Tenancy Agreement comes to an end. Our team is well-prepared to smoothly manage the entire process, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of your property to your advantage.


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