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Selling in unexpected circumstances can be a stressful, emotionally draining and have an impact on the selling price of your property. It is very important your agent is completely aware of the situation for which you are selling so they can assist in the taking the best approach.

Selling During Separation
Your agent needs to know if you are selling due to a separation not only for the best opportunity to attain maximum profit but also for legal reasons. For example, any offer made offer made must be presented to both parties.

Don’t worry – in most cases, the agent would not disclose to prospective buyers the reason the property is on the market and neither should you. Buyers may see this as a desperate sale and potentially put in an offer below the value of the property.

Selling A Vacant Home
If your property has been left vacant perhaps due to previous tenants moving on unexpectedly I would strongly encourage furnishing the property prior to having photos taken and the first open inspection.

There are numerous companies around South Australia that offer furniture loan services, such as: Dressed for Sale, Argus Furniture Rentals, Ian Foggo and many more. If potential buyers walk into an empty space they may come to the assumption it is a desperate sale.

Selling A Partially Renovated Home
Now for the tricky one – if you’re looking to sell mid-way through a renovation, depending on the magnitude of the project, chances are you will not see a profitable return on your investment. It will be more beneficial to retain the property, complete renovations and then sell.

Most importantly, trust your agent! Despite the circumstances, selling property is always an exhausting exercise both physically and mentally. An experienced and in-the-know agent will be able to give you valuable advice and sell your property for the best profit possible.

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