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Adelaide currently has 45 markets with a median house value over $1m, more than double the number from a year earlier.

Suburb             Median Value May 2021

Unley Park                         $1,710,279

Toorak Gardens              $1,699,742

St Peters                          $1,473,292

Malvern                            $1,457,245

Hyde Park                          $1,453,530


Glen Osmond $1,226,501

Kensington Park $1,206,953

Linden Park $1,195,411

Hawthorn $1,157,945

Burnside $1,145,823

Glenside $1,144,940

Kingswood $1,142,986

Kensington Gardens $1,128,701

Mitcham $1,093,615

Henley Beach South $1,080,506

Goodwood $1,076,838

Westbourne Park $1,072,133

Wattle Park $1,070,082

North Adelaide $1,057,027

Beulah Park $1,050,472

Parkside $1,026,213

Torrens Park $1,022,455

Somerton Park $1,001,954

Highest Sale recorded – 1st January, 2021 to current

34 South Esplanade, Glenelg South

Sale date : 9/4/2021

Sale price: $5,100,00


Suburbs with less than 20 sales observations, and low confidence in the median valuation have been excluded.

List is a  comparison on median values as at May 2020 and May 2021. Suburbs may have previously made the million dollar list at another point in time.

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