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In today’s digital age, chances are the first point of contact buyers will have with your home is online. Due to the prevalence of smartphones and the Internet, those in the market for a new residence often form opinions before they even step foot onto your property.

Therefore, it’s essential the snapshots of your home create the right first impression, highlighting the strengths and minimising the weaknesses of your property.

By focussing on the following four areas, you can ensure your home is portrayed positively and attracts serious buyers:

Front Of House
You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count. The front of your home is often featured upfront online, ensuring it stands out for the right reasons is essential. Simple maintenance is vital – clear your gutters, sweep away cobwebs and foliage debris, mow your lawns and remove old pots and furniture from your verandah.

Major Living Areas
You’ve heard it a thousand times, but kitchens and living rooms sell houses – so make yours a showstopper. Decluttering is essential, conceal unsightly cords and unnecessary appliances, meticulously wipe over all smudge-prone surfaces such as mirrors and stainless steel. Most importantly, remember your buyer – each potential buyer should be able to see themselves in your space. Remove all signs of ‘you’ such as obscure artwork, children’s toys, and family photos and replace them with more generic objects so your potential buyer can create an emotional connection with your home.

When it comes to bathrooms, cleanliness is paramount. Before photography and inspections, utilise the skills of the professionals to make every tile gleam. Bathrooms need to look, feel and smell clean – strive for hotel standard cleanliness and decor, remove your toothbrushes and add new towels or fresh flowers.

Entertainment Areas
Create an atmosphere, and run with it. Again, the buyer wants to see themselves entertaining in your house. From the deck to the verandah, and the cubbyhouse up the back, it is vital to create an environment that will appeal to a wide demographic. Remove all your quirky knick-knacks such as dart boards, rogue bottle caps, and odd chairs. Even the smallest details count!

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