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Whether you’re living in an apartment, unit or simply want to maximise the use of each room in your home there are a number of ways you can make the most of your space.

Colours and Tones
Avoid dark colours as they generally make any space look and feel smaller. Use light (not bright) tones such as whites and creams or pastel shades like soft pinks or greys.

Another way to make a space appear larger is adding a mirror, leaning a free-standing mirror against one wall will add dimension and character to your room.

Decide what the space will be used for – will it be a sitting area, storage space, or study nook? Avoid trying to give a small space more than one use without being smart about it.

For example, a second bedroom that doubles as a study, as it will end up looking cluttered or as a miss-purposed ‘junk’ room. Instead opt for multi-use furniture such as a daybed that transforms into a double bed, a desk that folds away or an ottoman that doubles as a seat.

If the space has a high ceiling and a window add floor length curtains, this will elongate the space and give the illusion the wall is longer and bigger than it really is.

Utilise wall space as much as possible, adding high shelves for storage or decorative purposes is a useful and fun way to add more elements to a small space. Add a pop of greenery to your shelves or a hanging plant from one comer of the room to add character – but make sure you keep it simple, simplicity is key.

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